Beach Fishing

Beach Fishing on Bribie Island

Beach Fishing on Bribie Island

The Pumicestone Passage in general is teeming with fish all year round

with the best spots being on the northern beaches,

You can drive along the beaches but only with a 4 wheel drive. Be aware though that some areas are restricted so check these out before you go

A current vehicle access permit is necessary and you can acquire one of these at Gateway Bait and Tackle

Check them out here where you will also find rules governing access

Driving on the Beach

Be careful to drive along the beach above the waterline and below the high tide mark where the sand is firmer. Once you reach your destination do not leave the vehicle below the high tide mark or the incoming tide may surround it.

If at anytime you have difficulty and need beach recovery assistance phone Best Bribie Island Towing on 0411 572 914

Once you are ready to fish you will find the following will respond to strips of mullet and pilchards.

Dart, Bream, Flathead and tailor but the latter mostly in spring.

Use a light to medium beach rod and reel and fish mainly on the incoming tide

Lures are also successful and you can find a great selection complete with advice at Gateway Bait and Tackle.

Types of Fish

Dart put up a great fight. They average 1 Kg in weight but can go up to 3 Kg. The most common in this area is the Swallowtail Dart. Minimum size is 30cm with a limit of 30.

Dusky Flathead will attack anything whether live bait or lures. They are more plentiful in the warmer months. legal size is 40 t0 75 cm with a limit of 5

Yellowfin Bream are among the most popular fish harvested by recreational fishers in Queensland.

Legal size 25cm min with a limit of 30

Whiting. There is an art to catching this fish and the best bait is something found locally eg Bloodworms, sand wriggler worms, yabbies and shrimps 

The flesh of the whiting is distinctively white in colour and the texture is firm with a sweet flavour. It doesn’t have a fishy taste or smell, thus leaving a unique taste on the pallet to those who desire to eat it.

Size min 23cm with  a limit of 30.

Enjoy your fishing

Best Bribie Island Towing 0411 573 914

Gateway Bait and Tackle (07) 5497 5253